Serbia’s Don’t Let Belgrade D(r)own says EIB won’t finance waste incinerator

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The Don’t Let Belgrade D(r)own initiative (NDMBGD) said on Friday that the European Investment Bank (EIB) would not be financing a waste incinerator facility in Belgrade’s Vinca suburb.


NDMBGD said it had received an answer to its inquiry from the EIB which said that the bank refused to finance the construction of the incinerator at the city waste landfill because of the consequences that the project would have in terms of waste recycling goals as set out in Chapter 27 of Serbia’s pre-accession negotiations with the European Union.

The NDMBGD press release said that the EIB conducted “its own project assessment procedure whose results coincide with the negative opinion of the European Commission”. The implementation of the incineration facility project would jeopardize Serbia’s EU membership and have consequences which affect all of its citizens.

“This is the first time that European Union institutions have confirmed something that we have been warning about – that the construction of the incinerator in Vinca runs counter to the European directive on waste management, especially the parts about recycling and a circular economy,” the press release said, adding that the incinerator would bring more highly cancerous air pollution. The Initiative said that Belgrade residents would pay more than 1.1 billion Euro to incinerate waste instead of recycling it over the next 30 years. Earlier, the Initiative warned that the contract to build the incinerator would bring earnings of at least 38 million Euro a year to the private Suez-Itochu consortium.



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