Slovenia, The country plans to stop using coal to produce electricity by 2033

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Slovenian Minister of Infrastructure Jernej Vrtovec said that the country plans to stop using coal for electricity production by 2033.

Minister Vrtovec explained that this is the optimal year in which Slovenia can provide sufficient funds for the restructuring of the region. In the first phase, the country can receive about 240m euros from the European Commission. He added that the Government has prepared a strategy for providing 5,000 jobs for people employed in coal-fired power plants and the Velenje coal mine.

The largest Slovenian coal-fired power plant is Sostanj, whose units 5 and 6 have a combined installed capacity of 945 MW. The TPP recorded a loss of about 250 million euros in 2020, and with the price of CO2 emissions approaching 65 euros per tonne, the losses will only continue to accumulate, making the operation of the power plant unsustainable.

Slovenia also operates a 123 MW coal-fired power plant in Ljubljana, which provides thermal energy for the city’s district heating system.


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