Small hydro-power plants danger to river Vlasina in Serbia

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All attempts to prevent the construction of the SHPP on the Vlasina River, its tributaries and other rivers in the Vlasotina area have been unsuccessful – says Miroslav Kraincanic, longtime president of Eco-base “Jug” and winner of the international recognition of Gran Pri for the protection of Vlasina Lake.

Kraincanic points out that the Vlasina River is endangered by wastewater from Babusnica and Crna Trava upstream to Vlasotince, including the illegal exploitation of gravel in its bed, as well as the construction of quarries on the Dubrovnik River, as well as numerous SHPPs in Crna Trava, and other activities related to protecting the Vlasina River and providing healthy drinking water, appealed to the local media and relevant organizations, but it all ended – completely ignored.

– I also pointed to specific examples of the discharge of dangerous substances in Vlasina and its tributaries. It happened once that the Vlasina River was so polluted that the water supply system, which used to supply the city with water, saw that it created chaos on the purification filters. In order to protect the Vlasina River, as well as all rivers in Serbia, we recently formed the umbrella organization “Samokov” in Paracin in the hope that the launching of all permits will be reviewed soon, as well as giving approval for the construction of new ones – says Krajincanic.


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