Small plants in Bulgaria are leaving the emissions trading scheme

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Small plants emitting less than 2.5 thousand tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2) will be excluded from the emissions trading scheme, according to the draft amendments to the Rulebook on the procedure for issuing permits for greenhouse gas emissions.

The document was sent for public discussion. The amendments to the regulations refer to the new rules on the functioning of the European emissions trading scheme in the period 2021-2030.

The exclusion of small plants from the scheme aims to reduce the administrative burden and will not have a direct or indirect impact on the state budget.

The Rulebook envisages the possibility of revoking the plans for monitoring of air operators that are part of the ETS, based on the decision of the Director of the Executive Environment Agency.

In accordance with the changes, the plant operators are obliged to prepare an annual report by March 31 of the current year, which contains data on the monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions that the plant released in the previous year.

Operators will have to report any changes in the operation of the plant, and the permits will be constantly updated.