The activities surrounding lithium mining are not abating: the inhabitants of Gornje Nedeljice chased away the workers who tried to route the gas pipeline for the new mine

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The inhabitants of Gornje Nedeljice once again drew attention to the fact that the activities related to the opening of the lithium mine in that area have not been stopped. So now the locals had a close encounter with the workers who were marking the path of the future gas pipeline designed for the needs of the mine in the fields.

The workers came to the area of the village and tried to stick stakes in order to trace the future path of the gas pipeline, however, when the villagers rebelled and after their intervention, the workers took out everything they traced, turned around and left.

How did it all look and what does the state company “Srbija Gas” have to do with this business, but also private companies close to the government “Millenium Team”, explained Zlatko Kokanović from the Association “Ne damo jadar”.

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