The construction of a nuclear waste landfill on Trgovska Gora in Bosnia must be rejected

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Representatives of the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly, Sasa Magazinovic and Jasmin Emric, and a representative of the Regulatory Agency for Radiation and Nuclear Safety of BiH, Emir Dizdarevic, spoke at the recent round table entitled “Trgovska Gora: Current Situation from the Expert’s point of view”.

The participants of the round table concluded that Bosnia and Herzegovina has an obligation to protect Trgovska Gora, where Croatia plans to build a radioactive nuclear waste landfill. Therefore, it is necessary to form an expert and legal team as soon as possible, which will use all the mechanisms, conventions and protocols of the European Union on cross-border cooperation, and challenge the location of the landfill construction.

Magazinović stated that activities are still being carried out in Croatia on the construction of the plant on Trgovska gora and that a team has already been selected to prepare an environmental impact study, which is an important step for Croatia to achieve its intention. Magazinovic stressed that there is political unity in BiH to solve the problem, the state has the capacity and experts, but the problem is that a legal and expert team has not yet been formed to solve the problem, and that the BiH Council of Ministers has not yet made that decision.

There are huge risks of building a repository for radioactive nuclear waste, because, as Dizdarević said, waste dating back to 1984 would be stored in the warehouse until 2023. Contaminated material generated by the use of the Krško nuclear power plant would be stored there. He emphasized that the high radioactivity has not yet been precisely separated from the low one.

MP Jasmin Emirć also emphasized that it is a great risk for people and the environment to live next to a nuclear plant. He believes that it is unfair to build such a plant in that region, which will have permanent negative consequences.

He said that the city of Bosanski Novi is supplied with drinking water from the Cherkezovac location, where the construction of a radioactive nuclear waste landfill is planned, and if a radioactive nuclear waste landfill is built, then the chance for development plans for that area is reduced.

– Earthquakes are frequent as well as fires and floods and that is why the area is not suitable for such landfills. This location is by no means acceptable for a landfill because the risks are invaluable – Emrić emphasized.

Also, he added, the residents of Dvor in Croatia are against the construction of the plant, and the Republic of Croatia currently does not have the consent of the local community from Dvor Municipality to build a Center for Radioactive and Nuclear Waste, which is one of the conditions for building the center.

The participants of the round table called on all authorities in BiH, especially the Council of Ministers of BiH, to form an expert and legal team as soon as possible, which would use all possibilities to stop the construction of the Center for Radioactive and Nuclear Waste Disposal on Trgovska Gora.





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