The EC report on Chapter 27 points to the poor treatment of the environment of Montenegro’s outgoing government

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“The environmental movement Ozone considers the European Commission’s report on Montenegro for this year, in the section on Chapter 27, to be humiliating for the outgoing government, which is the best indicator of poor governance,” the statement said. The new government, as they said, must show very quickly whether it is able to deal with the challenges in the most complex and financially demanding segment of the negotiation process.

From Ozone, they said that it was completely clear that the repetition of the recommendations from the previous report indicates inefficiency and non-realization of concrete shifts, which are visible and measurable. Ozone said that the “devastating” percentages in terms of the implementation of the legislative framework, strategic and action plans, which, as they stated, are unrealistic and do not show a real, much worse situation, should worry the entire society, especially the new government.

From that environmental movement, they stated that the decades-long brutal devastation of natural resources left lasting ecological and economic consequences. As they said, it is necessary to respond with concrete and protective and remedial measures, which will be backed by strong systemic support and cross-sectoral cooperation, which includes the involvement of all relevant individuals.

They said that it is necessary to create a different organizational model, both in the relevant ministry and in the Agency for Nature Protection, and especially in the National Parks of Montenegro. They said that it is necessary to reconsider projects that have been proven to degrade the environment and society, such as the regulation of Tara, the planned construction of a military training ground in Sinjajevina, small hydro power plants and many others.

In Ozone, they believe that this EC report must have referred to, as they stated, the never worse cooperation of the Government with civil society organizations working in the field of environment and climate change, as well as to the ignorant attitude towards the media that have a critical attitude.

From that environmental movement, they said that they hoped that the next convocation of the Government would seriously study the EC report, but also their reaction, caused by the need to clearly inform the public about the facts.





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