The state will close TPP Pljevlja no later than 2035

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Montenegro is considering options to replace the Pljevlja thermal power plant when it ceases with work, and one of the solutions is the construction of a natural gas power plant near Bar.

“We should not cultivate the illusion and spread false hopes that it will be long after 2030 profitable to produce electricity in thermal power plants, so it is necessary what to start the realization of all energy solutions that would replace production electricity in the amount for which TPP Pljevlja is now in charge “, he said Prime Minister of Montenegro Zdravko Krivokapić during talks with management of the Electric Power Industry of Montenegro in Nikšić.

Montenegro will close TPP Pljevlja no later than 2035

The Pljevlja thermal power plant with its 225 MW provides almost 40 percent of the total
electricity production in Montenegro. Secretariat of the Energy Community in April initiated a dispute against Montenegro due to the continuation of the TPP and after used the allowed number of working hours within the “opt-out” mechanism, which aims to harmful emissions are reduced and decarbonization is carried out. Montenegro is planning an environmental one reconstruction of TPP Pljevlja, and in the meantime it undertook to stop using it coal by 2035, which means it will then close this power plant.

Prime Minister Krivokapić, who recently stated that TPP Pljevlja will probably stop for 2030, he talked about solutions to compensate for production from this power plant on coal.

The Adriatic-Ionian gas pipeline, as well as the one that would go from Prijepolje via Pljevlja, gas power plant in the hinterland of Bar, are just some of the solutions we have to we are developing, said the Prime Minister and added that Montenegro must make energy a system with multiple variants and no time to lose, local media reported.

Prime Minister Krivokapić pointed out that it is important that all projects are prepared in accordance with EU standards, so that it would not happen that there is a secured loan, and there is none ready projects.

EPCG will start construction of the Gvozd wind farm in September

The money will always be for real projects in the field of green energy, Krivokapić said.

The President of the Board of Directors of EPCG, Milutin Đukanović, said that in September expects the start of work on the Gvozd wind farm, with a capacity of 50 MW, as well as to At the end of October, the redacted project for HPP Komarnica was to be completed.


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