The third illegal construction permit for a tire factory in Zrenjanin, Serbia

28. July 2020. /

On July 10, the investor Linglong International Europe doo received the third illegal building permit from the city of Zrenjanin. This time, the permit was issued for the second phase of construction of auxiliary facilities within the tire factory complex. The construction permit, as in the previous cases, was issued by an incompetent body.

The permit from July 10 was issued for auxiliary facilities that are in the function of the main facility – tire factory and without the main facility, the factory itself, these facilities would not even be built (employee recreation center, parking, etc.).

On July 20, RERI filed a complaint with the Provincial Secretariat for Energy, Construction and Transport, emphasizing that the permit was issued contrary to the regulations. RERI is asking the Provincial Secretariat to revoke the illegal permit.

The construction permit erroneously states that the Investor has a solution that an environmental impact assessment is not required for these facilities. There is no such solution, because the City Administration of the City of Zrenjanin suspended the procedure of deciding on the need for impact assessment, on May 7, 2020. The Law on Environmental Impact Assessment does not recognize and does not provide for such a procedure. The city administration was obliged to carry out the procedure by issuing a decision on the need for an impact assessment or a decision that an impact assessment is not necessary. We remind you that in this illegal procedure, the city administration rejected 215 objections of citizens and associations, claiming that they were not founded.

Therefore, the investor could not even submit a decision that an environmental impact assessment is not required, as stated in the permit, because he does not have such a solution.

Location conditions, which are an integral part of the construction permit, do not contain the conditions of the competent Institute for Nature Protection, which violated the Law on Nature Protection and the Regulation on Location Conditions in the procedure of issuing the disputed construction permit.

Issuance of construction permits for the construction of a tire factory in Zrenjanin, which is contrary to the regulations, causes the highest degree of concern and therefore RERI appeals to the institutions of the Republic of Serbia to start applying the regulations, and we call on the citizens of Zrenjanin to use all legal measures to stop abuse of public authority and making illegal decisions.

The procedure for issuing building permits for the tire factory in Zrenjanin, which was declared a project of importance for the Republic of Serbia, is a typical example of avoiding the application of environmental regulations, which only increases the concerns of Zrenjanin citizens about the possible impact of this project on the environment and human health, especially having in mind other problems in this area that the citizens of Zrenjanin have been facing for years.






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