Trial operation of the desulphurization system of TPP Ugljevik in Bosnia has been successfully completed

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The trial operation of the flue gas desulphurization plant of the Ugljevik Thermal Power Plant worth 160 million marks (81.8 million euros) has been successfully completed. The management of Rudnik and Termoelektrana Ugljevik said that this is now the cleanest thermal power plant in the country in terms of CO2 emissions and particulate matter.

Preliminary test results at the maximum possible load showed that all values ​​are below the contract required, and the most important of them, such as emissions of SO2 (about 150 mg / Nm3, and the limit is 200) and particulate matter (1.5 mg / Nm3, and the limit is 20), as well as electricity consumption (11, 5 MW), are significantly below the required.

All the above measurements were performed by the Milan Vidmar Institute from Ljubljana, with the participation and all-day supervision of the contractor teams and RiTE Ugljevik.

“The effects of the plant’s work are best illustrated by the fact that without the desulphurization plant, about 18 tons of SO2 would be discharged from the TPP every hour, and that during the trial operation, that amount was reduced to 150 kg, more than a hundred times less.” It is additionally positive that only 1-2 mg / Nm3 of solid particles are emitted, which is significantly less than the project required emission up to max 20 mg / Nm3 “, pointed out Zlatko Malović, project manager of the EDC plant.

In the period from August 26 to 28, regardless of the load of the block, the German EEC Institute will test the last functional guarantee – the emission of droplets from a wet chimney. This will complete all contractual measurements.