Turkey could be full-fledged member of pan-European energy market with limited efforts say Energy Community

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The Energy Community Secretariat published a report on energy governance in Turkey. “The conclusions of this report are clear. Turkey, if it wished to do so, could become a full-fledged member of the pan-European energy market with limited efforts via membership of the Energy Community,” said Director of the Energy Community Secretariat, Janez Kopač. “In essence, Turkey could achieve a functional EU membership in the energy sector with all its benefits. This is due to Turkey’s existing high level of compliance with the Energy Community Treaty,” he underlined.

In dedicated chapters on electricity, gas, oil, national regulatory authority, renewable energy, energy efficiency, environment, competition and statistics, the report assesses Turkey’s legal framework against the Energy Community Treaty, which is comprised of key EU energy legislation.

“The present report confirms that Turkey, if its compliance was assessed together with the existing Energy Community Contracting Parties, would rank rather high, especially in the electricity sector, the status and performance of its regulatory authority, oil stocks as well as environment and energy efficiency,” explained Deputy Director Dirk Buschle. “Only the governance of the gas sector would require major interventions. This could be tackled through adaptations and deadline extensions in the course of potential accession
negotiations,” he noted.

Turkey actively negotiated the Energy Community Treaty but joined only as an Observer in November 2006. Under its Observer status, it has no legal rights or obligations under the Energy Community legal
source: EnergyCommunity

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