Water quality measuring equipment will be set up on Lim river in Montenegro

10. September 2020. /

The NGO Green Home said that for the needs of quick response, valuable equipment will be procured and installed, which will enable remote five-minute readings of water quality parameters, placed on the section of the Lim River. The NGO said that they have started the implementation of the project “Action for clear rivers of Montenegro”, which aims to strengthen the capacity of supervisory and inspection bodies for surface water sampling, as well as civic activism in surface water monitoring.

“In order to prevent surface water pollution and reduce pollution inputs from concentrated and bulk pollution sources, Green Home has launched an initiative to strengthen the capacity of supervisory and inspection bodies at the national and local levels to sample surface waters of Ćehotina, Zeta and Lima,” they said in the statement. From Green Home, they said that, given that the current sampling of surface waters is quite limited, their intention is to launch an initiative for legal changes, which will enable inspection bodies from several departments to perform sampling.

“With the concept of strengthening water quality monitoring at the local level, we get all-day and efficient controls and samples, which are difficult for national inspection services and institutions to collect due to territorial distance and inability to react quickly, which requires the nature of water flow and dilution,” the NGO explained.

The NGO explained that the placement of the probes involves measuring the pH, which in addition monitors the redox potential and temperature.

“Measurements are available online on the platform, which includes an” early warning or silent alarm “system, during which the system identifies and informs the staff in charge of monitoring and control of non-standard pH changes (value and rate of change),” the statement added.

This, as it is stated, enables a preventive reaction before the values ​​come to the zone when there is a mass death of the living world or a critical situation (“red alarm”). It is added that the software itself is an “in-kind” contribution of the NGO Green Home, ie a donation from the private company ACME from Podgorica.

“Although the Law on Waters and bylaws prescribe measures for the maintenance and protection of water quality, it is insufficiently applied,” said the Green Home.

As they stated, some watercourses, ie their parts, such as Vezišnica, Ćehotina, Morača, Ibar, Lim and Grnčar, are exposed to higher impacts of concentrated and dispersed pollution from various sources, where the measurement results show high sensitivity of these water systems, especially in low water regime. Green Home said that, in terms of the type and source of pollution, untreated industrial and municipal wastewater are key sources of pollution.

“The largest sources of pollution of surface and groundwater are municipal wastewater, which is most often discharged into the recipient in untreated or partially purified form, in a concentrated or diffuse manner,” the statement reads.

As they added from Green Home, it is important to mention the growing influence of agriculture, traffic infrastructure and construction works on the quality of surface waters. The NGO called on all citizens to join the initiative by reporting suspicious phenomena that indicate water pollution in rivers.

Source: antenam.net




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