What will Serbia do about air pollution? This will cost it 2.4 billion euros, and this is the plan

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Trivan said that from January, it will be verified that municipalities in Serbia have drawn up a short- and long-term plan to reduce air pollution in their territory and assist poor municipalities in addressing the problem.

Trivan pointed out that the causes of pollution have been the same for years – traffic, individual combustion plants, city coal and fuel oil heating plants, industry, thermal capacities of the Electric Power Industry of Serbia.

As the biggest polluter, Goran Trivan marked the traffic and proposed to ban the import of cars with the Euro three engine mark, as well as the change of energy sources, which requires providing public support.

He told Radio Belgrade 1 that coal, on which Serbia lies, provides the country with energy stability.

The minister noted that the pollution reduction would cost the state 2.4 billion euros.

– According to World Health Organization estimates, 6,500 people in Serbia lose their lives annually due to poor air quality – said the minister, citing that, apart from the electricity sector, traffic is the dominant pollutant.

He reminds that about 150,000 used cars are imported annually, which further pollutes the air, and indicates that the habits of what kind of cars to drive must be changed, and proposes to ban the import of cars with Euro three engines.

-We want to completely ban the import of Euro 3-engine vehicles by the end of next year or 2021, which is what Europe is all about – says the Minister for the Environment and said that everyone must decide whether to drive cheap cars or breathe clean air.

Trivan pointed out that the solution to this problem is afforestation, and pointed out that there are around one billion vacant acres in the world for afforestation, which, he said, is a huge area.

Source: srbijadanas.com

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