Wind farm construction began near Vršac

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Businessman Miodrag Kostić and Italian company have jointly started the construction of wind farm “Piccollina”. Investment is worth EUR 10 million, and the power of the wind turbine shall be 6.6 MW.
Their first wind farm in Serbia near Kula has started operating, therefore they started the second construction with around 50 employees engaged for this project.

According to MK Company, preparation for another project near Vršac is also ongoing. It is the construction of another wind farm “Košava” of 117 MW total capacity for which EUR 50 million will be invested in the first phase.

Once the project “Košava” is finalized, Serbia will produce 133 MW capacity from MK Company, which represents the one third of the commitment to the Energy Community that Serbia will produce 500MW from the wind.

Other investors like Wind Vision which plans two projects of 99MW and 75MW capacity each, wait for the adoption of energy bylaws by which the state would guarantee the investors who build wind farms that EPS shall purchase electricity from them.

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