Zijin Copper Serbia says it will eliminate all impacts on the Pek River

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Chinese company Zijin Copper Serbia announced that they recently cleaned all the existing precipitators for receiving atmospheric waters in order to increase the efficiency of water purification from Majdanpek’s “Southern District” and the ore crushing plant there.

“One ultrasonic water flow meter has been installed to measure the amount of water discharged into the river, and the other will be installed no later than April 20,” said Zijin Copper Serbia.

As they said, they also cleaned the bed of the river Mali Pek from the sludge that had been accumulating for decades.

“Two new sewage treatment plants have been completed, and the construction of the third is in progress and will be completed by the end of April,” they said.

They reminded that in mid-March, they were ordered to clean the existing canals and sedimentation tanks for receiving atmospheric water by the end of April and to build new ones for mechanical wastewater treatment in which, in addition to atmospheric, water from the laundry of heavy vehicles will be treated.

“It was ordered, and so far done, that the bed of the river Mali Pek, in the part that is not in the mining zone, be cleaned of materials that have been deposited for decades, and that sedimentation tanks be built on that location as well,” they state.

And the last task that the branch of the company in Majdanpek received, is regular examination and keeping a diary on the quality of wastewater before and after mechanical treatment. They stated that Assistant Minister of Mining and Energy Dejan Milijanovic confirmed on April 14 that three inspectors, based on citizens’ complaints, “determined the possible impact on river pollution by synchronized actions” caused by Zijin Copper, as well as other potential polluters. As Milijanovic explained, the mining, water management and environmental protection inspector, through joint supervision and action, determined that the turbidity of the Pek River begins in the part where the atmospheric sewage flows into its tributary, the Mali Pek River.

“In order to reduce the impact on water quality in the Veliki Pek River, the company has invested significant resources and effort to install new pumps and pipelines to recycle all wastewater from filtration and return it to flotation. The work will be completed by the end of April, and then the wastewater from the filtration will not be discharged into the Veliki Pek River,” the Chinese company said in a statement.

They also stated that a new project for the treatment of mine wastewater in the Majdanpek Copper Mine is being developed.

“The company will realize the new project when it receives the approval of the competent Serbian institutions,” they said.

Source: danas.rs


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