The EIA Directive applies to a wide range of defined public and private projects, which are defined in projects list aplicable in all SEE countries.

The EIA procedure can be summarized as follows: the developer may request the competent authority to say what should be covered by the EIA information to be provided by the developer (scoping stage); the developer must provide information on the environmental impact ; the environmental authorities and the public must be informed and consulted; the competent authority decides, taken into consideration the results of consultations. The public is informed of the decision afterwards and can challenge the decision before the courts.

ESIASEE EIA–ESIA framework Serbia.IFI appraisal process.pdf

ESIASEE EIA–ESIA framework BosniaRepublikaSrpska.IFI appraisal process

ESIASEE EIA–ESIA framework Montenegro.IFI appraisal process.pdf


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