All beneficiaries, state or private investors, of the major projects included in the EIA directive list of projects are obliged to produce ESIA study and further more present and consult with wide stakeholder public groups.

The ESIA will provide decision-makers and stakeholders with a comprehensive evaluation of the impacts of the proposed Project on the natural and human environments, taking into account their local, regional, national and international importance. This will be done through a combination of scientific studies and stakeholder consultation.

The ESIA has to involve extensive public participation to enable communities, relevant government agencies, NGOs and the interested public in each of SEE country  the opportunity to voice their concerns, opinions and ideas with respect to the project.

ESIA and its proper process cycle implementation is of key importance for all Projects financed by international financial institutions like EIB-EBRD-WB which have their own strict mechanism of control, monitoring and quality level evaluation of the ESIA successful implementation.

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