Serbia: TPP & Coal mine Kostolac environment protection system, flue gas & SO2

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Kostolac – Respecting ecology as one of its permanent and lasting commitments, the Company “Thermal Power Plants and Mines Kostolac” TEKO (PD “TE – KO Kostolac” ) in accordance with the legislation in the field of environmental protection has made the Monitoring Program to monitor pollutant emissions in the area and its surroundings claim from TEKO.

In accordance with this program are carried out measurements of the emission of harmful and dangerous substances in the air, ambient air quality, water quality, soil, radioactivity and noise. – Measurements of emission of harmful and dangerous substances in the air from the emitters are made during the year in accordance with the Regulation on limit values ​​for emissions of air pollutants. Periodically these measurements are performed by an accredited laboratory, continually by the PD “TE – KO Kostolac” and, if necessary, the authorized institution conducts warranty measurements as well, said Tijana Peric, Head of IMS sector. Up to now, have been reconstructed electrostatic precipitators on the blocks A1 and A2 at TPP “Kostolac A”, and on the blocks B1 and B2 at TPP “Kostolac B. The guarantee from the supplier of equipment for the mass concentration of particulate matter at the outlet of the electrostatic precipitator is 50mg / Nm3, which is in line with the requirements of regulations of the European Union and the Republic of Serbia. Individual measurements of the emission of air pollutants, conducted in 2014, confirmed the deviation of mass concentrations of particulate matter at the outlet of electrostatic precipitators, compared to guarantees from the suppliers, on the blocks of TPP “Kostolac A”, on the block A2. All the parameters that affect the efficiency of the electrostatic precipitator will be examined in the coming period, in order to take appropriate measures aiming to improve the efficiency of electrostatic precipitators in TPP “Kostolac A”.

The mass concentration of SO2 in the flue gas is significantly above the limit stipulated by the regulations of the RS and the EU. In order to reduce emissions of sulfur oxides below 200 mg / Nm3, in accordance with the provisions of EU regulations, the plan is to build in the facilities for flue gas desulphurization, by the end of 2015.

During 2013, within the cooperation of the Ministry of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection and PE EPS, with the European Integration Office, initiated the activities on the preparation of the application for the use of funds from donations of 2014-2020 IPA fund, which are necessary for the introduction of measures for reducing of the emissions of sulfur oxides in the block A2 at TPP “Kostolac A”.

Monitoring of air quality in the vicinity of the PD “TE – KO Kostolac” is conducted in accordance with the Regulation on monitoring conditions and air quality requirements and the Regulation on Amending the Regulation on monitoring conditions and air quality requirements. During 2014, the measurement of air quality in the vicinity of Kostolac’s company, was performed by the Institute of Public Health of Pozarevac. Performed were the measurements of the content of overall depositional substances (ODS), sulfur oxides (SO2), suspended particles (PM10), soot and heavy metals (Pb, Cd, Zn, As and Ni). During 2014, the measured values of SO2 were exceeded in June at the measuring point Stari Kostolac, and in February, May, June and August at the measuring point Drmno. Measurements of suspended particles – PM10 and heavy metals showed that in 2014 measured values did not go over the limit, said Tijana Peric.

Measuring of the water quality is conducted at around 30 measuring points. The control included waste water, river water and groundwater in the area of ​​ash and clinker landfill. Wastewater quality control in PD “TE – KO Kostolac” and its impact on the water recipient and groundwater is conducted 12 times a year for the water recipient and 4 times per year for groundwater, atmospheric and sanitation water. Measurement results are displayed in the National Registry of pollution sources of the Republic of Serbia. Within the implementation of IPA 2014 in progress is the drafting of the tender documents needed for the begining of construction of the plant for wastewater treatment in TPP Kostolac B.

PD “TE – KO Kostolac” monitors the emission of pollutants into the soil over a period of two years, in the wider area of ​​the company, which covers app. 450 km2 and extends in a radius of around 12 kilometers from the town of Kostolac. In 2014, measurements were performed during the vegetative period. The measurement results will be submitted after the second sampling, which will be carried out by the Institute of Soil Science in Belgrade.

Local governments – City Municipalities of Kostolac and Pozarevac failed to conduct acoustic space zoning in accordance with the Law on Protection from environmental noise. Due to the lack of clearly confined acoustic zones, measuring points cannot be precisely determined, as well as the limit values ​​at these measuring points. This is the reason why you cannot give an assessment of our company’s compliance with the legal requirements, said Tijana Peric.

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