The Serbian Institute for Critical Materials launches a regional mining platform for knowledge exchange

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In order to promote sustainable mining in the interest of the domestic economy, the Institute for Critical Materials from Belgrade launched a regional platform for the exchange of knowledge and information at

At the beginning of the year, the Institute also launched an international mining platform for the promotion of Serbian potential and knowledge in the sector of exploitation of natural resources, which is also part of the European initiative for critical materials at the address

The Institute for Critical Materials will focus on new mining technologies that would reduce the environmental impact of the critical materials industry, while at the same time strengthening the Serbian industry, developing capacity in extraction and processing, as a key factor for the self-sustainable economic development of Serbia.

The Institute’s focus is on building domestic processing capacities to ensure added value in Serbia, instead of abroad, as well as the merger of key players in the mining, chemical, pharmaceutical and environmental protection companies.

You can find more information about RMI Institute at

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