A green energy plan could stop Bosnia and Herzegovina from EU integration

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The European strategy for decarbonisation of the energy sector, investment in environmentally friendly technologies and investment in energy efficiency is a Green deal that expects decarbonisation policy to be implemented by both candidate and potential candidate countries, so Bosnia and Herzegovina will be required to provide a comprehensive plan for decarbonisation and implementation and other obligations.

“If Bosnia and Herzegovina continues to be late in implementing EU energy policies, it is possible to expect a halt in the EU accession process, as well as economic consequences,” warned RESET, a recently formed think tank NGO that brings together prominent experts and the academic community of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.

As pointed out, this refers to the lack of funds for energy transition assistance, as well as the introduction of taxes, both on the export of electricity produced from fossil fuels and on goods produced using electricity from fossil fuels.

Since in 2019, 72 percent of Bosnia’s exports went to EU countries, the consequences of the introduction of these measures are more than obvious.

RESET’s work is focused on promoting a multidisciplinary and innovative approach to creating energy sector transformation policies that respect socio-economic sustainability and a fair transition. Implementing the necessary reforms and energy transformation in general are complex political, economic, technical, environmental and social processes that require consensus of social actors.

“Since the energy transition causes negative social consequences for certain social groups (in BiH, especially due to the expected reduction of coal production and use), it is necessary to plan and implement fair transition programs that include economic restructuring of regions significantly dependent on fossil fuels. It relies mainly on coal exploitation). Therefore, the European Green Plan represents a development opportunity, but also a threat to a no-return path for the electricity sector in BiH, “RESET said.

Source: klix.ba