Albania: 14 new hydropower plants were commissioned in the first half of these years

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At least 14 new hydropower plants were commissioned in Albania in the first half of this year, three of which are connected to the transmission system and 11 to the distribution network, according to data from the energy sector’s balance sheet for the first six months, released by the Energy Regulatory Agency energy (ERE).

The hydropower plants began production this year in accordance with concession agreements signed with the Albanian government.

Among others, these are HPP Arsti, cascade hydroelectric power plant Gjader, HPP Dragobia, Muras, Trojet, Gjinar, Backa, Plepi and Zall Xhuxhe.

The Albanian legal framework stipulates that the Electricity Distribution Operator, OSHEE, has an obligation to purchase total production from private hydropower plants with an installed capacity of up to 15 MW, which are priority producers.

It is not known what is the total number of hydropower plants with a capacity of up to 2 MW, which receive approval only on the basis of the signature of the Minister. It is only known that several concessionaires were fined for non-compliance with the deadlines stipulated in the contract.

Private hydropower plants record an increase in production from year to year – their share reached 43 percent of total production.

In addition to priority producers, there are independent HPPs on the Albanian market, such as the Devoll cascade (owned by Devoll Hydropower), the Peshqesh and Fangu HPPs (Ayen Enerji), as well as the Ashta HPP.


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