Albanian renewable energy association

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Presentation of Albanian Renewable Energy Association

Albanian Renewable Energy Association is a professional group of interest of renewable energy producers in Albania. Association is established on February 2013 by a fund of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and launched by a group of 10 foundation members including among other Statkraft Albania. Todays, AREA-s bring together currently more than 60 producers – big part of which FDI from Italy, France, Austrian,Turkey, etc. – focusing mostly in hydropower implants construction with a concession up to 15 MW.

Investments that already amount around 500 MW installed for more than 650 million euros, and the numbers are always in growing up due to new projects that continuously enters in operation regime. Notwithstanding the strong capitalise of our investments the Association aims to represent the interests of all the renewable energy sector in Albania, including professionals, companies, and other entities nationally and internationally operating in the renewable energy field in Albania. Our motto is “Working to Make Albania the Western Balkans Leader in Renewable Energy”.


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