Albanian rivers “champions” of pollution in Europe

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European union monitoring reports found high levels of pollution of Albanian rivers with phosphates and chemicals.

The analyses released by Eurostat recently in the framework of monitoring sustainable development objectives found that Albanian rivers are the most polluted in Europe.

Albanian rivers by measurement were found to have the highest level of biochemicals. One liter of water had nearly 7 milligrams of biochemical, the highest level in Europe.

High biochemical parameters are usually signs of contamination that adversely affects water quality. The cleanest rivers have biochemical parameters of less than 1 milligram per liter. Moderately contaminated rivers show values ranging from 2 to 8 mg/L.

Albania also has the highest level of phosphates in the rivers.

The measurements showed that their level was 6.9 milligrams per liter in 2015 with a significant increase compared to 2013 when their level was 5.5 milligrams per liter.

High concentrations of phosphate distort water quality, promoting the growth of and algae.

The Albanian rivers are polluted because all kinds of waste flow freely, including industrial ones.

Also the use of chemicals and phosphates in agriculture is out of control, as there are still some hazardous black spots from pre-1990s hazardous industrial waste that still endanger the quality of water in the Albanian rivers.


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