Battles against cyanide continue in Romania

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After the epic battle against the Rosia Montana gold mine in Romania ended in success, many people still don’t know that Romania and other countries in the region such as Bulgaria are still threatened by several gold mining proposals, some of which would involve the use of cyanide leaching.

The first open cast gold mine to use cyanide leaching in Romania would be the Certej project in Romania, planned for development by Deva Gold SA, majority-owned by Canada’s Eldorado Gold company.

The project is particularly sensitive given the fact that in 1971 the failure of a mine dam at Certej led to the death of 89 people. Yet it appears that Eldorado Gold has been underplaying the risks of the project and pumping up the benefits. So with this in mind Mining Watch Romania, of which Bankwatch is a founding member, has produced a new report aimed at giving Eldorado’s investors the other side of the story.


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