BiH: NGO against hydroelectric power plants on the Una

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The City Council of Bihac, with 16 votes in favor, 10 against and 2 abstentions, today gave consent for the award of the concession for the SHP at the site of Martin Brod and Dobrenica, reports Anadolu Agency (AA).

Adopted decision given consent to the Government of Una-Sana Canton(USC) and the Ministry of Economy to launch the procedure for granting concession public teneder,as well as any possible decision that adopt with regard to the subject matter of the concession.Mayor of Bihac Emdzad Galijasevic occasion of the decision of the City Council Bihac said that “it turned out to not be a priori against hydroelectric power plant without opinion of profession.”If anyone of Una National Park , that is the town of Bihac, and we showed investment. But if we want to live from tourism then we must finally see which is the benefits from tourism and look for the higher levels of government to invest far more resources than a measly 500,000KM that now allocated to the Una National Park, said Mayor Galijasevic.

On the other hand, reactions to the decision of the City Council Bihac non-governmental organizations and citizens are negative and harsh. Activists Association ABC had made the city councilors submitted a petition of three thousands of signatures against, and after their decision, they expressed regret and announced that instead of tourist maps for the National Park Una now should stand signboard ’’Dolina centrala’’. Wife of the late founder ecologist’’Unski biseri’’Nurzekija Marjanovic told us it is very shaken and deeply disappointed to see that the life work of her husband and all the’’ Una biseri’’ thrown under feet, together with all the relevant scientific opinions which they collected’’.

Almir Basanović, Biscanin who participated in the February protests, says that after this “Una is not the only one, and that nuclear power plant are the next because the Una is good to be with her cooled reactors according to this principle.” Occured even the former Prime Minister of USC Hamdi Lipovaca after months of isolation,and over social networks ,responding to the mayor Galijasevic on the criticis during a session of the City Council Bihac. “It’s all his. Mom and Dad left him. He can sell it. “Why is this so? Because it’s so! “- As usual the mayor said.And where are now various spring and concerned citizens? wrote Lipovaca.

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