Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia: The issue of radioactive waste center

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Croatian plan to build a radioactive waste management center at Trgovska Gora, less than a kilometer away from border with BiH, is unacceptable, Stasa Kotarac Bosnian Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations said to Croatia’s Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Ivan Sabolic.

Earlier this week, the fund for financing the decommissioning of nuclear power plant Krsko and the disposal of its radioactive waste said that it had received the approval from the Ministry of Environment and Energy for the use of former army barracks at Trgovska Gora for establishment of a radioactive waste management center. The fund also said that it will develop an environmental impact study before applying for any permits.

Minister Kosarac claimed more than 250,000 people living near the Una river, which is also a protected area, would be endangered if the plan is implemented and that it would be bad for the environment. BiH already threatened to sue Croatia and pursue arbitration citing the risk from seismic activity as one of the main drawbacks of this location.

NPP Krsko is located in Slovenia, but co-owned by the two countries, meaning that Croatia receives 50 % of the plant’s output, as well as even split of radioactive waste. Slovenia offered to built joint waste management center in the plant’s vicinity, but Croatia opted for building the center by itself on another location.


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