Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sanski Most – Once again “NO!” for the project of coal power plant “Kamengrad”

2. December 2019. /

The session of the Sanski Most Municipal Council, where Kamengrad thermal power plant project should have been presented, was canceled after public pressure. At a press conference organized by the opposition councilors of this municipality, once again there was a repeated “NO” to this project.

“We welcome this reaction from the public and the councilors and we expect that Sanski Most will remain a positive example of resistance to dirty energy projects. We hope that other local communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina will become aware of projects that are detrimental to health, the environment and the economy and eventually turn to clean renewable energy sources,” said Majda Ibraković, assistant at the Energy and Climate Change Program at Center for environment.

A municipal council meeting was scheduled after Lager d.o.o. from Posušje together with “China Energy Engineering Corporation Limited International Company” sent a letter of intent for the construction of the Kamengrad thermal power plant to Sanski Most Municipality.

However, at a special thematic session held on May 4 last year, the Sanski Most Municipal Council concluded that no activities related to the thermal power plant could be carried out in this municipality without the consent of the citizens and the municipality.

“We gathered again to express our discontent over the plans to build the thermal power plant. Two years ago, we came out with a petition against this project and at that time we managed to collect 1400 signatures of citizens. I wish to urge all municipalities in the Sana River Basin and environmental organizations from all over Bosnia & Herzegovina to jointly organize a support group for us in Sanski Most and finally stop the plans for this facility that would bring financial benefit only to individuals, while for all river basin residents this would only mean damage”, said Ermin Karić, president of the Association “For Better Sanski Most”.

The implementation of Kamengrad coal power plant project would cause enormous pollution of groundwater and surface water, agricultural land, air and forest resources, and undoubtedly deteriorate the health of the local population, which unfortunately has been confirmed by communities living with existing thermal power plants in Bosnia & Herzegovina for decades.




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