Bosnia: Arbitration case against TPP Ugljevik for 1.5 billion eur of non delivered electricity to Slovenia

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Slovenia-Bosnia arbitrage case for the 1.5 billion eur fee started in Hague between two energy companies. Complex topic and even more complex internal relations in Bosnia.
Arbitrage case is between the Slovenia Elektrogospodarstvo Maribor company and Bosnia/Republika Srpska TPP Ugljevik company. The damage fee which is requested by Slovenian company is 1.5 billion euro, based on the documents on investments into the construction of TPP Ugljevik during the time of former Yugoslavia.
Contract from 1981 between Slovenia and Bosnia, former republics of former Yugoslavia, reads that Slovenia has the right on the third of produced electricity from TPP Ugljevik.
Deliveries were stopped in 1991 when the war started in Bosnia and was never restored.
Complex case of arbitrage is even more complex due to the fact that TPP Ugljevik is part of entity Republika Srpska power utility company ERS and the arbitration court charges the federal country of Bosnia and Hercegovina whose authorities did not wanted to pay the arbitrage participation fee. Experts claim that the arbitration process will last one year.

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