Bosnia: Dongfang Electric Corp China expects equipment testing in UK EFTs new 300MW TPP Stanari

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The construction of the thermal power plant “Stanari” near Doboj goes according to plan. At the end of the year begins testing of the entire complex and the first delivery of megawatt-hours and full operation of power plants in the next.

Complex of future Thermal power plant “Stanari” near Doboj gets the projected look every day, while the works in the interior go as planned, and even ahead of schedule.

It is planned in detail the installation of turbo generator plant, coal delivery systems and auxiliary equipment in the boiler room. Also, the insulation works on the boiler surfaces and steam lines, installation of equipment for control of the plant work and other finishing work on the outbuildings.

Still in December, it has been successfully executed the hydro-test, testing of boiler endurance, and key plant for the electricity production.

– At the end of the year begins testing of the entire complex and the first delivery of megawatt-hours, and full operation of a power plant in the next – says the president of EFT Group Vuk Hamovic.

The construction of the largest energy facility in BiH in the last three decades has been entrusted to the Chinese company “Dongfang Electric Corporation”, which has engaged the number of domestic subcontractors. The project is worth a total of 560 MEUR and the Group for energy trade EFT invested a total of more than 400 MEUR in the projects in Stanari since 2005th, when started to manage the mine Stanari, employing 277 workers. Currently, Mine and power plant employ 566 workers, and with the beginning of commercial operation as early as next year, it is planned that the number of employees will reach 900 workers.

TPP Stanari will have a capacity of 300 megawatts, with an annual production of 2,000 gigawatt hours and annual coal consumption of 2.3 million tons.


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