Bosnia: Ekotim suing the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism, due to poor environmental permit for TPP Banovici

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Increased environmental permitting as a solution to environmental problems? Quality or quantity?

These days we are witnessing frequent appearances representatives of the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism in which their licenses are presented as the solution to all environmental problems. Usually in his statements they makes claims that are professionally written permission based Environment Impact Study that have been prepared by eminent local institutions.

One example is the case of the issuance of additional decisions on emission limit values for Thermo Power Plant Banovici.

The analysis of the environmental permit for TPP Banovici, we noticed that in the document lacks the emission limit values, on which we have pointed in letter from October to the ministry for environment and tourism. In response, the ministry issued a supplemental decision again did not prescribe limit values in accordance with the rules devised by the same ministry. Since the solution does not allow the right to appeal, we used the only option for the correction of these errors through a lawsuit.

As we strive to law enforcement and the correct application of the existing legal solutions, “Ekotim” used the possibility of a remedy in cases in administrative proceedings requested proper and consistent application of the current laws and regulations.

Although the website of the ministry pointed out that the increased number of issued environmental permits in the last period, their quality is questionable, and we wonder whether this is a small capacity of the ministry, too many demands, workload or incompetence of employees, and occur such omissions.

It is not the first time that the issue of environmental permit mistake, and on this testifies to the fact that some permits are issued too quickly, or to allow investors to exchange the previous plans, which can have lasting negative effects on the environment. Is it a way to avoid public participation, the application of laws and regulations in force, or to go in favor of investors?

Environmental permit as useful and good tool, can actually result in the reduction of pollution, but only if it is done well and mid-career, in accordance with our laws and if you consistently applied.

Source; Ekotim

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