Bosnia: Gov to subsidize coal mines thru electricity price

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Federal Minister of Energy, Mining and Industry Reuf Bajrovic met with representatives of the Independent Trade Union of miners of BiH Federation. The meeting, which was attended by President of Independent Trade Unions of Federation BiH Ismet Bajramovic, there was discussion about the position of mines in FBiH, and the relations within the Group “Electric Power Industry of BiH”, said in FBiH Government.

In addition to the issues on the further mines recapitalization, the Minister Bajrovic talked with union representatives about the possibility of subsidizing mines insurance by introducing 1.5 pfennig in the electricity.

The reason for this is the ratio of the coal and electricity prices, which is delivered to “Electric Power Industry of BiH” from the coal mines in BiH Federation.

The price of coal in FBiH is unchanged from 2009th, while in the same period the electricity price is increased several times.

Minister Bajrovic stressed that the Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry, in cooperation with the Trade union and management “Electric Power Industry of BiH”, deal with their resolution in the future.

They talked about the problems regarding the obligations for contributions and taxes, as well as the current liquidity and the wages payment.

The unions’ request is that loans be insured in FBiH Development Bank in order to increase liquidity.

It was agreed on Friday, in order to address strategic issues, to be schedule an appointment which would, along with the Minister Bajrovic, be attended by the Prime Minister of BiH Federation Fadil Novalic, board members of “Electric Power Industry of BiH” and mines in FBiH and representatives of Trade Union of FBiH mines, has been announced with the Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry, reports the Office of the FBiH Government for public relations.


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