Bosnia & Herzegovina: A Small country with enormous energy potential

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Bosnia & Herzegovina (BH), with a population of only 4 million people, has enormous energy potential, being able to fully satisfy its electricity demands by domestic production while at the same time exporting electricity to its neighbours. However, energy production capacities are not fully exploited and there is great potential for a significant increase in production.

The main sources of energy in Bosnia & Herzegovina are traditional sources – coal and water. According to the European Association for Coal and Lignite , the total production capacity of the BH’s power plants is approximately 4,300 MW, where 55 % of the overall production is provided by thermo power plants (hereinafter, “TPP”), and the remaining 45 % by hydro power plants (hereinafter, “HPP”).

Three major producers, distributors and suppliers of energy are state-owned public enterprises, which operate production companies that are in charge of HPP and TPPs, as well as energy distribution and supply companies. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of private companies registered for the production and trade of electricity. The owner of the coal mine “Stanari” and holder of the concession for a TPP in Stanari and HPP Ulog in Neretva River is
Energy Financing Team (EFT), a unique European energy trading & investment group. Gas and oil production sectors, as sectors that are traditionally characterised with low production and export dependence, also mark an increase in private investments.

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