Bosnia HPP Medna to be connected to the grid 2017

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The works on the 5.2 MW Medna hydro power plant (HPP) on Bosnia’s Sana river are progressing according to schedule with the completion of the power station expected in early 2017, the energy ministry of the Serb Republic said.

The project is worth some 20 million euro ($21.9 million).

Currently, the company in charge of the power plant project, LSB Elektrane, is carrying out infrastructure works and improving the water and electricity supply to residents of the Mrkonjic Grad municipality, the energy ministry said in a press release on Tuesday.

Energy minister Petar Djokic said that the company has had problems in executing the concessions agreement it has with the entity due to several disputes with the local community and non-governmental associations. As a result LSB Elektrane’s concession for the construction of hydro power plants in the Serb Republic has been extended by 15 years.

Local media earlier reported that the local public is against the HPP Medna project and has taken the case to court in a bid to preserve the natural habitat that could be affected.
Source; Seenews

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