Bosnia: Hydroelectric power plant at Buna (not) is an environmental disaster

, NGOs

Soon, the site of the Buna to begin construction of two mini hydro power plants of up to five megawatts. The project is worth 10 million marks, and according to experts, this hydropower capacity, if it worked at full power could meet the needs of 1,000 households. However, local residents and environmental organizations complain. For what?

An oasis of peace, the strongest karst spring in the territory of Europe, the habitat of endemic species of brown trout, is now the target of the project multimillion investments that according to locals Buna caused environmental disaster.

Residents of this area with the support of non-governmental organizations in various ways to fight in order not to disturb the natural environment of rivers, but also in order to save them from possible flooding.

“The level of that now, it will be summer levels, but imagine winter when foam Neretva how will it be level, then we will all swim, will move people,” said Miroslav Barisic, president of the local community Buna.

The construction of mini hydro power plants, will benefit only a narrow circle of people, and natural resources will be irrevocably destroyed, warn environmentalists.

“It will be terrible to have a negative impact on wildlife. Here you will get to the murder and disappearance of endemic species,” warns Oliver Arapović, ecologist.

Activists 19 non-governmental organizations argue that we should not talk about any damage, it is a disaster. With a view to protecting the greatest natural wealth Herzegovina, its river, drafted a joint declaration on the protection of the rivers.

“It means that we enter into the fight against the construction of mini hydro power plants Buna I and II Buna and to permanently protect waterways Buna, Bunica and Neretva,” continues Arapović.

They stress that it is necessary to permanently protect this extremely attractive and issue of the environmental area, which was once famous for pearl Herzegovina recognizable throughout the region.

“If you allow for the construction of mini hydro power plants in this region, this gem of nature should permanently irreversibly to disappear,” thinks Sessions Pintula, urban planners.

On the other hand the authorities say that it is a multimillion investment projects, which have no impact on the environment, stressing that it is a small, free-flowing hydro power plants, which do not have any detrimental effect on the behavior of large and small water on the river Buna and Bunica.

“I claim that these plants certainly will not have any effect on the flooding of certain houses in the area of ​​Buna and Hodbina, if something is blue so far this is another reason why this has absolutely nothing to do,” said Donko Jovic, Minister of Agriculture, Water and forestry.

Activists have announced the continuation of the struggle against hydroelectric power plants. They remind that the river Buna is one of the most beautiful natural areas in Europe, rich in flora and fauna, and will use all available legal means to oppose it.


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