FBiH: Investment of 10 Million USD, lead Mine opening 250 Workplaces

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Preparations for the construction of the first mine in Bosnia and Herzegovina after 30 years have been ongoing for four years already. The international group Mineco, which invests 10 million USD in the project of the lead mine in Olovo, intends to open 250 workplaces.

In early February, the Mineco group officially submitted the request for urban permit to the Ministry of Physical Planning of FBiH. However, after the urban permit is obtained, the exploitation permit, permit for execution of works according to the main mining project and the occupancy permit must also be obtained from the Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry of FBiH in the coming period in order for the mine to start operating.

Highlighting the fact that the annual ore exploitation capacity will amount to 150.000 tons, the director of Geomet Ltd. Ismar Šabović pointed out that the entire process of obtaining all necessary permits is exceptionally demanding due to the fact that all necessary documentation must be obtained on local, cantonal and federal level, which considerably slows the entire implementation of this investment.

Opening of the mine will create four indirect possibilities for employment per each employee in the mine, which will eventually have a significant effect on long-term development of local community in Olovo, as well as of the country, through all duties and taxes across all levels.

“Mineco lead mine in Olovo is a long-term investment in BiH economy and we believe that all relevant institutions will show understanding regarding the obtaining of all necessary documentation and that we will soon open the first newly opened mine in BiH in the past 30 years,” Šabović concluded.

source: sarajevotimes.com

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