Bosnia: Residents against new gold explorations, machines are waiting

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A narrow path along a stream, which flows to Fojnica village of Bakovici leads to hidden and recently abandoned gold mines. While the story of returning the machines in this area restored the hope for many people about the new tons of precious metal, and opening of new jobs, the residents are against the project and initiate legal proceedings.

Realizing that there was gold in the eastern edge of Vranica mountain, this area was occupied by the Austrians, Hungarians even the English. However, more than half a century has passed since their withdrawal. With the arrival of concessionaires in the valley of this river the story of the gold rush has revived, reports N1.

The company BBM stated that in the middle of 2016 it received approval for conducting detailed geological exploration for gold.

– It is planned to carry out the exploration works in the period of four years. If the exploration results are satisfactory and they have economic justification BBM Ltd. Sarajevo will apply for the exploitation permit on Bakovici site – it was stated from the BBM.

The concessionaire is committed to comply with all regulations and standards of exploration, environmental protection, water management, forestry, health and safety, and they have announced the opening of new job positions. However, everything is still on the level of ideas.
Bakovici residents doubt the validity of permits, and they believe the works in the immediate vicinity can only harm their health.

– If the plans were good and it was all arranged properly, it is still necessary to be 500 meters away from the settlement, 1,000 meters away from water, and we do not need to talk anymore. And anyone who thinks that such distance is justifiable, should be in doubt –said Vlado Kulis, the president of the local community Bakovici.

Municipal Mayor of Fojnica Sabahudin Klisura says that local people earlier filed a lawsuit for permits that are considered illegal, but that the local authorities cannot deny the works of concessionaires, because they have all the necessary approvals.

The mayor organized a joint meeting in the local community Bakovici between locals and concessionaires. However, some things remain disputable, especially the proximity of mines and potential landfills. While waiting for a court epilogue, machines in these hills are waiting the gold rush.


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