Bosnia: The Sase mine marked the World Environment Day for the seventh time

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Today ninety pupils of elementary schools from Bratunac, Skelane and Srebrenica, together with their teachers and employees of the Sase mine, planted seedlings in the mine area and took part in educational workshops to mark 5 June, World Environment Day.

The company Gross d.o.o. that operates the Sase mine in Srebrenica, majority owned by the British company Mineco Limited, has been celebrating World Environment Day for seven years, and is the only company in the region with special sites for disposal of plastic, paper and metal, which they then recycle.

This year the guests of the mine were first to fifth grade pupils of primary school Branko Radičević from Bratunac, Kosta Todorović from Skelane (municipality of Srebrenica) and the First elementary school Srebrenica (community of Sase). The children were introduced to the concept of environment protection through games, using the example of the mine.

The pupils were welcomed at the Sase mine by the miners, who showed them the mine area. Then the mine’s technologists, together with representatives of responsible institutions, held a series of interactive educational workshops.

What is waste and how it is treated, what are landfills, how to dispose of plastic, metal and paper, what is recycling and how we can recycle – these were only some of the topics covered by the workshops aimed at raising the children’s environmental awareness and proper waste treatment.

The lecturers were Ilijaz Begić, environmental inspector, Neđa Draganović, water inspector and Aleksandar Vračević, director of the Regional landfill Zvornik and president of the Technologists’ Association.

“This is a great example of raising environmental awareness in the most essential age”, said Begić.

The Sase mine, operated by Gross d.o.o, pays great attention to environmental protection. In addition to recycling and disposing of waste in a proper manner, the mine has reduced polluting emissions. Over 82,000 square metres have been re-cultivated. About 7.4 hectares of an old tailing pond and the tailing dam of the current tailing pond have been turned into a meadow, and the remaining 3 hectares into parks.

“We have been celebrating World Environment Day for the last seven years through events dedicated to children to educate them and raise their awareness of the importance of environmental protection. We believe it is extremely important that all of us treat the environment with due care” said Jelena Petrić, president of the Managing Board of Gross d.o.o.

Every pupil who visited the mine today was presented with a shirt with the slogan “Dirty or clean, the difference matters” and an illustrated guide in Serbian and English “ABC of cleanliness” on waste and recycling. The ABC was created especially for this occasion, with the aim of educating the youngest and raising their awareness of the importance of environmental protection.

The lead and zinc mine Sase in Srebrenica is operated by the company Gross d.o.o, whose majority owner is the British company Mineco Ltd. Apart from this mine, Mineco is conducting exploratory works in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the old antimony mine near Novo Goražde, and at the cerussite mine near Olovo. Together with its partners Mineco also operates lead and zinc mines in Serbia: Rudnik near Gornji Milanovac and Veliki Majdan near Ljubovija, and is preparing to open the lead and zinc mine Bosil-Metal near Bosilegrad.

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