Bosnia: The Una River faces the challenges of hydropower plants

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The Una River should take advantage of its hydro potential because there is more profit in it than in tourism. This has been thesis of local government for several years, but it is not a negligible percentage of citizens who remain opposed to mere mathematical rationalization of the most beautiful and cleanest river in BiH.

Time before us demands to consider possible forms of hydropower plants, and we should not neglect the study of respectable institutions, said Ljubisa Samardzija, Bihac inventor and president of the Association of Inventors.

No matter what, the City of Bihac has no decisive role. As explained the mayor Emdzad Galijasevic, only the Commission for concessions which belongs to the Government of Una-Sana Canton might decide on hydro power plants on the Una River that.

– Electric Power Industry or any other company might apply on the basis of a public competition. I do not have my people or lobby in this matter. We will not decide anything ad hoc, but we will not be hostages of the minority which would always hold back the development opportunities for sentimental reasons, said the mayor Galijasevic.

When asked why one of the most beautiful rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina was touching, with the suggestion that this would not be supported even by the citizens in the capital, Galijasevic said that there was not enough money from Federation, from the capital, even to maintain the Una National Park.

– It is necessary to discuss the functional use of resources, such a strategy is necessary to be brought also at the state level. The Una-Sana Canton should have protected nature and undisturbed river, but perhaps more importantly is to produce enough energy at least for its needs, as well as other things of overall Canton sustainability. It is more important argument for me than the profitability of such a venture said Adil Kulenovic, president of the Association of Independent Experts.

Technical intelligence

-We always hear the arguments that we need to preserve resources for future generations, which is quite justified, except in cases such as ours, and that is contained in the question whether we even have the future generations, because present trends are unfavorable to us. As for the economic benefits of tourism, it all looks great on postcards, but this is where all ends. On the economic side, all this is misery, said Tarik Kupusovic, director of Hydro ecological Institute from Sarajevo.

According to him, overcoming the crisis for many companies are wars and revolutions, as in Bosnia and Herzegovina it is not an option, and the only remaining option is a non-revolutionary methods, knowledge of people in the existing social system, with optimal use of available resources. This technical intelligence should be the country to get out of the crisis.

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