Bulgarian TSO Data Suggest 17% RES Production Growth Y/Y

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The production of electricity from renewable energy (wind, PV and biomass) in Bulgaria has grown with 16.98% in 2015 compared to the same period of 2014, data from the national TSO suggest. The biggest surge has been observed with small-scale (up to 5 MW) – 17.37%, trud.bg reported.

The production boost has been happening against a slow increase in consumption (3.29 percent) and electricity exports.

It has been a particularly good period for biomass, as electricity production from those units grew with the staggering 173.79 percent. This could be partly attributed to the fact that biomass was the only renewable source which did not see a feed-in tariff reduction with recent amendments to the Energy Act and the Renewable Energy Act. Still, wind energy production increased by 27.54%, while PV scored a smaller growth – 6.67 percent.

Among large-scale renewables, wind saw the biggest growth for the period – 22.88 percent, while PV was still lagging in second place with as little as 6.36 percent.

Production of electricity from conventional sources – nuclear, coal and hydro, has grown modestly with 2.33 percent.

source: publics.bg

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