Chronology of (ir)responsibility for undrinkable water in Zrenjanin, Serbia

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If we look back at the past 17 years, it is very certain that the residents of Zrenjanin will live to be 18 years old because they do not have drinking water flowing from the faucets.

For the past 17 years, Zrenjanin has become an example of all the consequences of clientelism, laws tailored to investors, the absence of the rule of law and irresponsible politicians who know in advance that they will not bear the consequences for their actions.

In such circumstances, the only ones who bear the consequences are the citizens.

It is estimated that the people of Zrenjanin spend around 20,000 euros a day, or 600,000 euros a month, for the purchase of bottled water. At the same time, about 80,000 inhabitants of this city have been paying for the faulty water prohibited for use since 2004.

The most endangered are the most affected. Many who do not have money for bottled water use tap water and thus endanger their health.

In the hope that Zrenjanin will not reach the coming of age of this tragic story and in the desire that such or similar cases will not happen again to any city and municipality in Serbia, the organization “Right to Water” wrote a study “Thirsty Factory – case of Zrenjanin water treatment plant”



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