Construction of large wind farms in Serbia awaits legislation

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Over the last two years, Serbia has obtained 57 small hydroelectric power stations, 97 solar power plants, the first wind farm and five biogas power plants, Energy Minister Aleksandar Antic said Thursday. He explained that the adoption of bylaws to allow for the construction of wind farms of up to 100 megawatts was essential for the energy sector in the months to come, adding that 99% of that job was already done.
– We are now facing few sensitive issues that should be resolved by bylaws, and here I primarily mean the issues related to wind farms – Antic told the conference “Energy Future of the Balkans”. Antic explained that power consumptions was only going to grow, but he added that it was necessary to modernize our thermal power stations.
The energy minister also added that 2015 was the first year in which all key energy companies had operated positively – EPS, Srbijagas, Transnafta, EMS, and NIS.


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