Croatia has biggest rise in wind power in Southeastern Europe

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Wind power capacity in 2015 increased 22% in Croatia, the most in the region, as the country added 76.2 MW, data published by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) show, SeeNews reported. Croatia’s cumulative wind power capacity stood at 422.7 MW at the end of the year, EWEA said in its 2015 Wind in Power report. The countries covered by the report are Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and Macedonia. Romania remained the region’s leader in terms of cumulative wind power capacity with 2,975.9 MW, up by 0.8% as compared to a year earlier.

Bulgaria came in second with a cumulative wind energy capacity of 691.2 MW, flat from a year earlier, followed by Croatia. Serbia installed its first 9.9 MW of wind energy. Slovenia and Macedonia ended the year with a cumulative wind energy capacity of 3.4 MW and 37 MW, respectively, both flat from a year earlier. During 2015, as much as 13,805.2 MW of wind power was installed across Europe, 5.4% more than in the previous year, as 12,800.2 MW of it was in the European Union.


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