Croatia: DeNOx Plant Site Opened in TPP Plomin 2

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Starting from 2018, TPP Plomin will be harmonized with IED Directive on industrial emissions limit values.
Site for DeNOx plant for the removal of nitrogen oxides from flue gas has been opened in unit 2 of thermal power plant Plomin. This is a key investment that will allow harmonization of operation and emission limit values of TPP Plomin with EU directives as of January 2018. After installation, DeNOx plant will reduce NOx emissions at TPP Plomin 2 below 80 mg/Nm3, which is far below the threshold of 200 mg/Nm3, as set by the Industrial Emissions Directive. In December 2014 Plomin Thermal Power Plant and Alstom Croatia signed the contract for the construction of DeNOx plant at TPP Plomin 2. The value of the contract is EUR 17.3 million and activities on the site which will be completed during planned shutdown period of the power plant from May to August 2017 will start with site opening.
The contractor is a consortium comprising GE Italia and GE Croatia, and the value of domestic component of work is 34%, while the remaining 66% is related to the latest import technology that has been applied in Croatia for the first time.
“Completion of DeNOx plant construction will enable TPP Plomin to significantly reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides and thereby reduce their impact on the environment. Technology that will be installed in DeNOx plant at TPP Plomin 2 is based on a selective catalytic reduction, in accordance with the best European practice and European guidelines on best available techniques.” said Mihailo Mirkovic, general manager of Plomin Thermal Power Plant. Mirkovic added that in 2016 more than 80 percent of all investments in Plomin are focused on environmental protection. At the same time EUR 2.4 milllion was invested in improving turbine efficiency in order to reduce CO2 emissions, noise protection project, the installation of LED lighting, reconstruction of desulphurization and electrostatic precipitators and replacement of electromagnetic radiation measurement system. In addition to this, the contract on modernization and overhaul of turbine plant Plomin Unit 2 was signed in July between TPP Plomin and Alstom Croatia. The value of the abovementioned contract is EUR 9.5 million and one of the most important results of the modernization will be reduced coal consumption and thus lower CO2 emissions, which is in line with the activities TPP Plomin is carrying out to minimize the impact on the environment.

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