Croatia: Sisak gets Biogas Power Plant

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The Croatian company EPI Consulting in cooperation with foreign partners has started the implementation of the project for constructing small biogas power plants in Croatia. The contract on the construction of the first power plant was signed by the mayor of Sisak Kristina Ikić Baniček and the representative of EPI Consulting Pavle Pavković.

The biogas power plant will be built in the southern industrial zone of Sisak. The project completion deadline is nine months and the investment is worth 2.5 million euros. The power plant that will employ 15 workers will deliver electricity to HEP.

The power plant will use biological waste, mostly food which has expired and the green biomass from the town area. So as to provide the energy generating products, it has been announced that a contract will be signed with malls and restaurants, with a 15-year validity period.

The technological procedure does not include waste incineration, but its fermentation, which means that there will be no negative environmental impact.

The mayor Ikić Baniček announced three more mayor energy investments within the town area for which building land is being provided.

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