Croatia,Bosnia: Nuclear waste storage, cross border isse

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Croatia began the examination of Trgovska gora, one of the potential locations for the construction of storage facilities of the nuclear power plant Krško, confirmed Snežana Rajilić, major of Novi Grad.
“What we know is that the company that got the opportunity to do the examination is actually obliged to prove if this site is or is not ideal for the storage of waste compared to the others,” noted Rajilić, while she estimated that it could mean they are a step closer to building the warehouse, or, as she added, it might not mean that at all.
“BiH has a unified position that waste should not be stored in this location and that there are no legal, economic or ecological reasons for that nuclear waste to be in Trgovska gora. Accordingly, the position of all of us is clear and we will use all democratic and legal means to stop it,” she noted.
From the Croatian Ministry of Economy we could not get confirmation of this information.
“At the end of last year, together with the municipality of Novi Grad, we had a round table dedicated to this issue and we adopted a series of conclusions, which are in the interest of BIH in this case, and that is that there is no reason for the waste to be stored only two km away from BiH “, we were told at the State regulatory agency for radiation and nuclear safety of BiH, and they reminded that Croatia has proposed seven locations in the Draft of the National Program of the implementation of the Strategy of disposal of radioactive waste.
They say that if Croatia cannot choose the location within the country, it is logical that the waste from NPP Krško is stored in Slovenia.
Although the original deadline for determining the location, according to the competent authorities in RS, was August 1, then October 1, last year, the Ministry of Economy Croatian said earlier to “Nezavisne” that the formal deadline for the selection of the site on which to build a center for disposal of radioactive waste officially does not exist for them, but it is envisaged that the facility starts working in this or next year.


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