Croatian Group to construct the largest Wind farm in BiH

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DIV Group from Samobor in Croatia announced construction of the largest wind farm in BiH.

According to the Croatian business newspaper Lider, the wind farm would be constructed next to Tomislavgrad, and they should start with the construction next year.

DIV Group, which is mostly engaged in shipbuilding and the production of screws, will work on the pillars of wind farm and other parts would be done by responsible partners with which they have not signed the agreements yet.

Plan of DIV Group is to position itself on the market as a producer of electricity from renewable energy sources and energy from multigenerational facilities on natural gas.

The plan of the Group is to install wind farms with a total capacity of 400 MW to 600 MW until 2017 in Croatia and countries in the region, with a tendency to increase investment in the expansion of existing facilities and new capacities on onshore and offshore locations.

DIV Group is owned by the screw factory in Samobor and Knin and shipyard Brodosplit in Split, and it has manufacturing facilities in Serbia, as well as representative offices in the EU and BiH.

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