Croatia’s Kosinj hydropower project agreement

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With the aim to propose to the Government to declare the construction of Kosinj hydropower system an investment project of strategic importance for the country, Croatian Ministry of Economy and state-owned power utility HEP have signed an agreement.

HEP CEO Frane Barbaric said that, as one of the two parts of the overall project for upgrading the existing Senj hydropower system, Kosinj hydropower project will allow the increase of the electricity output of HPP Senj by 230 GWh or 22 % compared to its current production. Together with the second part of the project – HPP Senj 2, it is the biggest project in HEP’s history, worth a total of 450 million euros, The Kosinj hydropower project will improve the use of the waters of the Lika and Gacka rivers for electricity generation. It envisages the construction of the Kosinj reservoir, tree dams and a new hydropower plant, reconstruction of the existing HPP Sklope and construction of supporting road and electricity infrastructure facilities.



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