Montenegro: Contract with A2A was a test for credibility of Montenegrin market

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Ambassador of Italy in Montenegro Vincenzo del Monaco is convinced that the recent contract agreement with A2A in Parliament of Montenegro, on which the Italian media reported too, strengthened the credibility of Montenegrin market.

„I am convinced that the recent adoption of the contract with A2A by Montenegrin parliament on which the Italian media adequately reported too, strengthened the credibility of Montenegrin market. Numerous analysts and businessmen were paying attention to this voting, and not only in Italy. So, my view of economic relations between Italy and Montenegro is still positive. Of course, there’s always room for improvement”, said Del Monaco in an interview to Pobjeda.

He reminded that it was precisely Italy who was among first foreign investors in Montenegro when Ocean Interlog in 1996 in Bar won the international tender for privatization of maritime services.

„We confirmed our trust in your country via A2A investment, also after winning an international tender. We can continue like this with Terna and Generali, and even recent arrival of company Pizzarotti and the 5th of July opening of the office Confindustria in the heart of Podgorica”, he emphasized.

According to him in last three years the number of airline connections was increased and they now exist on a daily basis, and he hopes same can be achieved with ships transport.

„We recently decided to bring a mission of businessmen in September in order to talk about the future and we’re already working on preparation for this, thanks to the efforts of the Montenegrin authorities that are involved in this”, said the ambassador of Italy.