Bosnia: EFT’s new 300MW TPP Stanari kicks off full commercial operation

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EFT completed its greenfield investment project and officially started the commercial operation of newly build TPP Stanari.

The ceremony which marked the completion of EFT’s EUR 550M investment into mine and power plant Stanari energy complex was attended by the President of Republic of Srpska Milorad Dodik, Prime Minister Željka Cvijanović with ministers, representatives of the embassies of UK and China in BiH, representatives of state institutions and company partners.

Completion of development of Stanari mine and power plant projects represents a significant event not only for investor, the EFT group which demonstrated the devotion to this project but also for the state of BiH which now hosts the modern power generation facility which will ensure the security of electricity supply for whole country.

In early August, EFT and Dongfang Electric Corporation signed the Taking Over Certificate, which marked the final step in construction of 300MW, installed capacity power plant. During 2016, TPP Stanari successfully completed commissioning processes, test run and delivery of first megawatts to the national grid, proving to be a reliable electricity producer. EFT also successfully completed the investments in the coal exploitation and transmission facility projects.

During the period of January-August 2016, power plant Stanari achieved the production result of 103,7% of the planned amount, average net power for same period was 252MW. In August 2016 record net value of produced electricity was achieved amounting 203,492MWh. During August operation, average coal consumption per MWh of produced electricity was 1.170 tons. The power plant unit was in its full capacity of 100% during August operation.

TPP Stanari will produce 2 million megawatt hours of electricity per year, and will be the first generation capacity of its kind in Bosnia and Herzegovina to fully abide by the relevant EU directives on protection of the environment including the EU standards for protection of air quality.

Opening ceremony was closed with establishment Park of friendship in which representatives of EFT, Republic of Srpska, representatives of the embassies of UK and China planted the trees with wishes of new economic partnership between partners.
The EFT Group is a unique energy trading and investment group, specializing in central and south-east Europe. EFT is leading the development of a south-east European electricity market through energy trading, investment in new energy production units and building of new transmission capacities.

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