Energy community warns Western Balkans of greenhouse gas emissions

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The Southeast European Energy Community, made up of 19 EU Member States as well as the Western Balkans and Ukraine and Moldova, warned in its report that many of the aspirants to join the Union have failed to meet their targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from their power plants. fossil fuels, though it is part of a common policy. According to the report, Serbia has not even adopted its national plan.

The Regular Annual Report on the Implementation of the Set Goals states that Kosovo, BiH and Northern Macedonia have not complied with the national emission limit values ​​(NERP) for at least one of the three pollutants from thermal power plants, namely nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and dust.

Kosovo did not adhere to the restrictions on all three elements, while BiH and Northern Macedonia failed to implement the planned sulfur dioxide and dust emission limits, the report said.

A positive rating was received by Ukraine, which is said to have “narrowly” met emission ceilings at its plants, while Moldova did not submit the report and Serbia did not even adopt its national plan.

The Energy Community Secretariat’s estimate is that some thermal power plants will close sooner than the deadline, since some plants can only be adapted to the set criteria for reducing pollutant emissions with serious technical modifications.

An example is the thermal power plant in Pljevlja, Montenegro, which should be discontinued as early as next year unless technical upgrading measures are taken to meet the stricter emission limit values ​​of the Industrial Emissions Directive.

Director of the Secretariat of the Energy Community, Janez Kopac, warned that the time in which coal-fired power plants would have to cease operations was inevitably approaching.

“The energy community has no time to waste and must follow EU steps related to meeting the goals of energy efficiency, renewable energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2030,” Kopac said.


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